Walking and its Benefits

Walking and its Benefits

Walking and its Benefits. The benefits of walking are numerous as it helps with depression, fatigue, weight control, memory, circulation, stress management, and a long list of other health-related reasons.

Many of us live in a city with easy access to a subway, bus or metro system. You do not need to own a car. If you own a treadmill, use it. You do not need a trainer. You need only a good pair of shoes and comfortable clothing. Go ahead and take your flannel trousers to bed with you. Walking, the activity, is easy. It takes only 30 minutes per day. If you find it difficult to start, just try a few minutes here and there. It is not difficult at all. Once you start, you will find yourself walking all day long, several times a week.

There is another type of walking. It is known as Speed Walking. This is done by increasing speed gradually over a period of time. There are many types of Speed Walking, but the best is to walk on a track or treadmill. Speed Walking is a great way to get your cardio workout and weight loss. It makes it safe because there are no hazards, you do not have to keep up with someone behind you, and you can do it with or without a companion. Speed Walking is not as time-consuming as other forms of walking. It will take only 45 minutes to an hour to accomplish an hour of it. Speed Walking is a great way to lose weight. The other types of walking are called Endurance Walking and Anaerobic Walking.

Before you begin your Speed Walking, check to see that you have no injury problems. The first is not to go too fast. If you do, your knees will hurt. Go slowly and look for any sudden jerks or movements that will cause you to stop. The second thing is to try walking at a speed that is not too fast and that lets you keep up with the speed of the person ahead of you. The next thing is to not go very fast. Go slightly above that rate of speed and let him catch up with you. Let him catch up and let him catch up slowly. Go slowly then gradually build your way up to that speed.

You can gradually build up to that speed by letting him catch up with you inch by inch and by letting him catch up gradually. This way you do not make too much of a jerk when you reach the speed. The time you need to let a person catch up to you is the amount that you need to let him catch up.

Walking is another good way to lose weight. When you walk you burn calories. One of the ways that you burn calories is by losing weight. Speed Walking does not burn much in the way of calories. Weight loss, or weight gaining can be reduced by walking. Walking can increase weight loss by increasing metabolism and by burning calories. The only way that you burn calories walking is by increasing your heart rate. You can build up your heart rate by walking at a pace that is not too fast and then you walk slightly above the speed that you were walking at. The amount of time that you need to let a person catch up with you is the amount of time that you need to let him catch up.

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