Tips to Stay Motivated While Training

Tips to Stay Motivated While Training

It’s easy to lose sight of the big picture when there’s so much hyper-specific advice available on various forms of training and fitness areas. Everyone has varied fitness goals, which can range from simply being active to seeing fitness as a way of life. I believe the best results are when people view fitness as part of their lifestyle, something which they can do when they want to see fitness as part of their lifestyle, but also a process which helps them to develop into their best self.

Exercises help people to become their best self, and a focus on specific areas of training is a natural progression for many people who haven’t yet been put under pressure to make a permanent change for the better.

To me it is not about what you have done before, but the way you do it now. As far as I am concerned, the most significant exercise you will ever do will be the exercise you don’t do. I believe the key to lasting fitness is developing a lifestyle through habits, not specific exercises.

This is also true for losing weight. I don’t believe in going on a crash diet, it’s a natural part of a gradual process. I also don’t believe in diets based around activities. Every good diet should contain habits which replace bad habits, which we all possess, but can be forced to do less of, like eating less.

I believe it is about learning how to eat correctly, in combination with other good habits which we already have, like exercise and managing time, not forcing bad habits onto ourselves.

I believe the best exercise for general well being is simply learning how to eat correctly, eating five or six times a day, balancing our food intake, limiting sugary foods, and finding activities which we enjoy and which improve our health and well being.

Now for the tricky bit, getting into a habit of doing all these things, which means applying them consistently, then continuing to do them regularly, and then hoping for the best.

I find it best to find a physical routine which I like, which is easy to follow, has a target, encourages exercise and which has a goal. If you like running then do it in your room every day, with a set route and distance, it will be easier, and easier to do, and will encourage you to perform well, then set out to run 3 or 4 miles on a regular basis.

Another option is cycling, which is also easier, and encourages exercise, but I find it is best to start off slow, build up, then progress to intervals, then set out to ride for 30 minutes everyday.

Then it is easy to do another 30 minutes everyday, it is very simple to add another 30 minutes or so to your schedule, which I find many people start doing when they don’t have enough time for a full hour, which is fine, as long as you don’t make it a habit, and that you continue to do a couple of times a week.

It is possible to work up to regular workouts in the gym, if you can’t afford a gym membership, then you can try home exercising, by doing some push ups, chin ups, squats, lunges, etc as well as cardiovascular training. The key is to stay motivated, and consistent, and it also encourages you to perform well in other areas of your life as well.

Athletes often feel pressure to perform well in athletics, to be admitted to a team, to be able to play tennis in a tournament, to compete in an athletic event, to be able to run a certain number of metres, etc. When a person is overweight it is easy to become overweight, when you have pressure to perform in your life, it is easy to lose focus in other aspects of life.

But, you don’t have to have pressure from other areas of your life, to lose focus, the simple key is a change in your attitude.

One of the ways of doing this, is to work out a lot, and to train heavily in one area of your life, and watch it change. It is likely that as you work out in this area, you will start to have more energy, sleep more, focus more, eat less, etc. It is the same with your eating, it is likely that you will notice that you eat less at meals, as you train.

Now, for the second point, make sure that you are happy, motivated, focused and have a good attitude. And, when you are working out in one area of your life, you are working out more in other areas of your life.

If you are a heavy weightlifter, for example, you may be more driven to not only take your shirt off in the gym, but also to come in after showering and shaving, and to dress up for a party, because you are in a good mood, feel motivated, and have a positive attitude.

I think, for most people, it is the attitude, and more than the weight which they want to lose. But when you are in the gym, you have the best kit on and shave regularly, you will notice that you can train more often. The point is, that you have to train more, if you want to lose weight. You can train anywhere, every day, the key is that you have to train well.

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