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Best Eating Patterns to Improve Your Health and Your Inflammation Levels

Best Eating Patterns to Improve Your Health and Your Inflammation Levels


The benefits of regular exercise far outweigh any pills you may be taking or surgery you may be considering. The bottom line is you get well; stronger, happier, and more confident through exercise. Exercise is the best medicine. There are many reasons why I’ve chosen to call exercise my “gateway drug”. I had just turned 15 when I was introduced to exercise. I had been running and training long distances each week, but this was a whole new level of endurance and intensity. It had to be done, so I continued. But after just a few months, I could no longer do it. In fact, I began to feel exhausted. I could barely move. I began to wonder if I was even getting anywhere with my training. In desperation, I turned to books and began to follow the experts and went on the search for a proper exercise program. After much time and searching, I discovered the “Y” belt system, and then a “system”. Through experimentation, I discovered that I really did need a program that suited my unique physical makeup, as well as my age. Then I began to realize that many of the experts in the system weren’t any better than I was and that I should be focusing on exercise and nutrition, not on how much weight I could lift. But then I began to lift weight and begin to develop back problems. “Training for health” became my mantra and my new workout philosophy.


In my quest to understand what was wrong with me, I continued to go back to books, looking for the answer. It was now suggested that I “lose weight”, “reduce inflammation”, “do stretching”, and that my “stretching isn’t enough”, I should “do aerobic training”, “Do strength training”. I had to ask myself why? The results that I was getting were getting less and less like me.


As time went by, I began to make one new mistake after another, including the one that we have all made before. “I don’t know why I am losing this amount of weight”.


You may not remember a time when weight loss was easy or achievable. When I say weight loss, I really mean shedding pounds. Losing weight meant eating less, doing cardio, losing fats, having more muscles, and looking leaner. These days, with all the information and modern technology, it seems that there is one approach to weight loss and one approach only.


The one approach is to cut calories, eat smaller portions, skip meals, do cardiovascular exercise, and “take supplements”. The thing is that, despite all of this, weight loss is never as easy as it was. It’s never going to be enough. There is always some small problem, some obstacle, some way that you have to overcome, or be smarter than you have to be, to lose weight.



There is no easy way, just hard work, and the right answer to a tough question. The right answer, as it turned out, was to “reduce inflammation”, cut out anti inflammatory supplements, and eat healthier foods. This is the same approach that is recommended for every human health problem, from heart attacks to asthma to cancer.


Here are the facts about inflammation. The level of inflammation is influenced by many factors. They include your genetics, your age, your gender, your stress level, your living situation, and the source of your inflammation. Your living situation also influences your inflammation, because the location and your lifestyle affect your stress levels and your metabolism. Your genetics also influences the amount of inflammation, because some people are more susceptible to various diseases or infections, or to inflammation.


As far as genetics is concerned, the most important factor is your levels of C-reactive protein (CRP) and fibrinogen, both of which are measures of your inflammation. In studies done, researchers have found that people with higher CRP and fibrinogen were more likely to develop heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, and cancer.


In addition, you are more likely to develop these diseases if you have a family history of them. They also explain why certain ethnic groups have higher rates of these diseases than others. It is also why some people have a harder time with these diseases than others.


In general, all of us have too much inflammation in our bodies, because it is a good thing. It prevents disease, and it keeps you healthy and fighting off infections. However, if your inflammation is too high, or if you don’t manage it, it can lead to serious problems.


What is the best way to manage your inflammation? The simplest answer is to change your eating habits. Here are the simple eating patterns to improve your health.


1. Vegetarians: This is the best way to manage your inflammation. The best eating pattern for managing your inflammation is to become a veggie. Yes, you heard me right, a vegetarian. Vegetarians reduce their inflammation by about 95%, because they eliminate their source of inflammation.


2. Milk and eggs eaters: The next best approach to manage your inflammation is to consume these foods in small quantities, once a day. Eating small quantities of the right foods will keep you in a balanced state, and your blood sugar will be in a range that will improve your blood pressure.


3. Fish eaters: This is the last approach to manage your inflammation, and the best eating pattern, for about 65% of people. If you like eating fish, you should also eat red meat once a month. When you eat red meat, it is a good idea to eat it in larger quantities. The meat, bones, and skin is better to eat, than the fillets, such as salmon, mackerel, and trout. Fish is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, which reduces your inflammation, and improves your cholesterol.


The best way to eat to improve your health and your inflammation levels is to learn the best foods to eat. It is not hard to eat healthy. If you learn the foods that make up a balanced diet, you are all set to lose belly fat, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.