Learning a New Experience

Learning a New Experience

Majority of people have no idea what to do when it comes to traveling. However, with on-the-road experience we can become travel savvy individuals. After being on the road for a few years you start to pick up little habits and routines.

I was just like that. Until I took a 30 day sailing vacation to the Caribbean last year. I’d never even heard of taking a sailing vacation, let alone done it. Then one day I found myself taking a whole bunch of people on a trip that was more about enjoying the ocean than me “proving” to myself that Id done it.

My intention wasn’t to prove to myself. The trip turned out to be a total blast, and even made me question the habits I had picked up along the way. The idea behind a sailing vacation is to get out on the water, and soak up some rays. The trip turned out to be a lot more. Its a completely mind-altering experience. For one thing, you’re not tied down to specific places. You can go anywhere in the world.

Its a lot more than just getting out on the water. There are all kinds of activities to do, from parasailing to kayaking to surfing. The whole trip takes you from the edge of civilization in every way, all the way to the wild wild west.

The trip also made me realize how much more there is to life than just the on-road experience. I started seeing the value in seeing the world through an eyes-closed-only perspective. It’s what we do to survive, after all, and to me the ocean is the ultimate wild frontier. It’s also what I’d never really seen before. This was a trip not just about traveling but traveling around.

The trip had me taking the time to learn about the people I was traveling with, and their own stories. It gave me a new appreciation for the places I was visiting. And the trip helped me figure out areas in my own life where I need to get outside my own bubble and stretch myself.

Now that the trip is all behind me, I realize that it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I wish I had gotten more of the opportunity to learn and experience and understand and appreciate. It left me with a long list of new goals, both personal and professional. For instance, the biggest goal of all is to get out of the family home.

For another new goal, I am now dedicating the life time I had left to a business that I founded. I am dedicating the rest of the trip to it, and envision a very exciting future for it. We will see if it really takes off.

For a third goal, I am dedicating the trip to my dad. For one thing, the experience opened my eyes to the value of having a supportive father and husband. And then I realized that the world is still full of adventures that only a father and son can discover together. I am dedicating the rest of the trip to being a real supportive father and husband. We will discover and discover and discover a whole new world.

For a fourth goal, I am dedicating the trip to my mom. The family relationship is the most important relationship that we all have. It is the foundation of our lives. And it’s a big trip. I know how important it is for you. I have been there, done that, and learned from that. So I am dedicating the rest of the trip to making sure that we do everything possible to make sure that we are the best we can be at home, and at work.

Now that we are done with the trip, I do realize that we had a whole experience. I feel a deep gratitude to the tribe that we encountered. I thank the Mother Earth and the Father Sky for making the experience possible. I thank the guides for showing me the beautiful, wondrous, and incredible world that I had been invited to discover. I thank them for teaching me what it takes to be a real explorer.

This whole experience was a learning experience. And the learning is the most important part of the adventure. The learning is the biggest reward. I feel a sense of accomplishment. And the accomplishment and the pride are the most important parts of the experience.

As I look at my family, I see the most important person in my life. I see them because the experience of the three weeks that I spent with them was special. I felt a deep relationship with them, as well. We had a learning experience together, as a family. I learned a lot about how I spend my time and energy and I feel proud and satisfied.

Now I look at my work. I feel proud, satisfied, and accomplished. I look at my life. I see how much I learned from the experience that I went through with my family. I feel satisfied and proud. And I feel accomplished.

And when I look at my life, I am proud. I feel satisfied. Proud and satisfied. Satisfied because the lessons that I learned are things that I know I must live. The lessons that I learned are things that I want to live. And the things that I want to live are like the lesson that I learned in my experience with my family.

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Should You Hire a Personal Trainer?

Should You Hire a Personal Trainer?

Deciding to be more active is a fantastic first step toward reaping all of the wonderful advantages of exercise, which range from improved emotions to better sleep to increased overall confidence.
Now, however, we need to consider where to start. Is it better to try a gym, where you can be sure of a bunch of strangers staring at you? Going to a home gym is still a great choice, but it does require a bit of prep-work. You can even do it outside, if you have the time and space, but you’ll need some clothes you like and a good workout partner.
Here’s a quick checklist to get you started:

1. Decide whether you’re going to be inside or outside. Many people who’ve never exercised have this fantasy where they show up to a fitness class at a gym and immediately like it. It’s easy to do, because you’re already standing around and sweating, but don’t fall for it. Even if you do like the idea of working out in a gym, you have to like working out in a gym. So, if you’re a morning person, then try to hit a gym at lunchtime. If you prefer to work out in the afternoon or evening, then head out on your hike. You’ll have a much better time getting the group moving, and you won’t feel so self-conscious about your choice of clothing or hike hat.

2. When you head to the gym, what do you look for? Do you want a personal trainer, or do you want to get started on your own? I prefer the trainer, but I may find myself at a trainer’s station at a gym, or in a class for walking. This is perfectly fine. I might be bored by the trainer, but I won’t be bored by a wall. If the trainer is a pushover and helps you along slowly, with plenty of praise and encouragement, then this will make your experience much more pleasant. Again, the trainer will find an audience.

3. Do you want a private class, or a trainer in a public class? This will affect the atmosphere of the class, of course, but more importantly the atmosphere of your personal trainer. If he’s in a public class with a bunch of people, then he’ll be all business and no fun. If you choose the private class, then he’ll be more of a hero. As the instructor of this class, he’ll be more like a role model. He’ll be more liked and less feared. He’ll be someone to look up to.

That’s not to say that if you choose the private trainer that you won’t also benefit from the positive influence of the class. The class can help you, if you need to. Maybe you’ve had a recent change in your body and need to work out the issues. Maybe you’ve been sick, and need to work out the symptoms, with your illness adding to the challenge. Maybe you’ve come to the class because you’ve read something about a healthy way of eating, or a way of working out that will benefit you specifically. Perhaps you just want to get moving, and the encouragement and friendliness of the trainer will help you along the way.

There are lots of ways that the trainer can encourage you, depending on what you choose to do with him. If you’re a loner who just wants to get moving, then the trainer will be very helpful. If you enjoy socializing, then the trainer will help you set up social activities to make the time with the trainer more enjoyable. Perhaps you just want to let the time pass, and be alone, then the trainer will help you accomplish this. The trainer will certainly think about you. He’ll also want to make sure that he gives you what you need to make sure that you get out the class and the exercise routine on your own terms.

In addition to encouragement, the trainer can also help you to push yourself. If you need to push yourself, then he can provide the help and advice to help you do that. Whether you decide to try something that you’ve never done before, or simply want to push yourself in a new area, then the trainer can push you along the way. He’ll push you to be careful, to pace yourself, to make sure that you get enough rest. He’ll want to help you understand that pushing yourself too far can be too dangerous. He’ll also want to encourage you to keep trying, to keep working at something. If you’re overweight, then the trainer can help you to start on a diet, to begin a program that will help you get back into shape. Maybe you just want to get moving and work your way up, to the point where you can take on a bigger challenge, one that may benefit you more and help you lose more weight.

He’ll certainly want to push you along, and to let you know when you’re pushing yourself too far. If you’re out of breath, or have a cough, or otherwise getting breathless, then the trainer will want to get you back under control. The trainer won’t be just interested in pushing you along. He’ll want to know when he’s pushing you along. Maybe he’ll want to know when you’re pushing him along too much, and when you’re pushing yourself too far. The trainer will be just as worried about getting out of breath as he is about pushing you too far.

Perhaps you’ll like to have the help of the trainer as much as he likes to have help you. After all, you’ll both be getting the same help in a way. You’ll both be working together to get you out of the new situation. Perhaps you’ll both want to be pushed along, both be working together to get you back into shape. Maybe the trainer will like to be pushed along, too, as he’ll be working with a friend. Maybe the trainer will want to be pushed along as much as the client likes to be pushed. The trainer will be just as concerned about the client pushing him along as the client is concerned about the trainer pushing him along.

You’ll probably want to push the trainer along, too, but perhaps the client will have different concerns. Maybe the client will be more interested in the workout itself than the push. Perhaps the client will be more interested in what the push can do for him than what the trainer can do for him.

The trainer is less concerned about what the push can do for the client. He’s more concerned about what the client can do for the push. Or maybe the push is less concerned about what the client can do for the client, and more concerned about what the client can do for him.

But the trainer is more concerned about what the push can do for the client than what the client can do for the push. This is the reality of the situation. That’s why a trainer is hired. That’s why the relationship between the trainer and client is that of a friend to a friend. Not a personal relationship, but a business relationship.