Benefits of Riding a Bicycle

Benefits of Riding a Bicycle

Benefits of Riding a Bicycle. Physical activity is essential for staying fit and healthy. One of the best methods to lower your risk of health problems related with a sedentary lifestyle is to ride your bicycle on a regular basis. Not only is bicycling great for the heart, it is also great for your body.

According to the American Heart Association, “There are many health benefits to cycling, including weight loss, strength, flexibility, bone density, mood, mental health, self esteem, stress relief, cardiovascular fitness, circulation, balance, and posture.”

Bicycling can also help to reduce the risk of depression. People who ride bicycles reported less stress, and those who cycled at least 30 minutes a day were less likely to report depression.

Bicycling can also help to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. According to the British Medical Journal, “In a cohort of more than 11,000 participants from the Nurses’ Health Study, long-distance cycling was associated with a 40% decreased risk of coronary heart disease and an 18% decreased risk of stroke”.

The risk of cancer is also lower among those who bicycle regularly. The Center for Science in the Public Interest reports, “People who spent at least 30 minutes bicycling at least 5 days per week had a 36% reduced risk of colon cancer, 39% reduced risk of breast cancer, and 18% reduced risk of prostate cancer. For women who cycled at least 5 days per week, there was less loss of cognitive function (though the benefit was not statistically significant).”

According to the American Heart Association, “A substantial body of evidence links physical activity with a reduced risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease. Other research has linked vigorous physical activity to a reduced risk of breast, endometrial, ovarian and lung cancer and some types of breast and uterine cancer. There is also evidence that exercise reduces the risk of stroke in people with coronary heart disease and reduced blood pressure.”

While there are risks associated with each and every activity, it’s important to remember that bicycle riding is one of the safest activities that you can engage in. The more you ride, the more benefits you’ll receive.

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